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Driving licence in Hradec Kralove

Do you want to get European driving licence?

forStudents can arrange driving lessons in English for you and offer you the BEST DEAL in town !! -valid for Hradec Kralove only

We found a professional instructor who speaks English and is trained to teach you how to drive in a short time with perfect effectivity.
The driving school has over 12 years of experience and individual and decent approach to each student.

The driving school offers:

  • driving instruction for drivers of cars group B
  • conditional and practical driving classes
  • practical driving classes for owners of driving licence, who want to improve their skills

The school offers a special deal for forStudents. The price is 12.000,- CZK per the whole course + 700,- CZK (administration fee), + translator (while final test).

What to expect during the training:

  • you get 28 driving classes
  • you will drive approx 600 - 1000 kilometres in a difficult traffic conditions
  • and you may expect a trip to Prague (where most of the drivers are afraid of going because of the traffic.

Obtaining the driving licence:

Tests for obtaining a driving license in the Czech Republic are then passed with the presence of an official interpreter. 

Obtained driving license is an international document (the so called "European driving license"), and it is valid in Member States, in EEA and it is recognized in numerous other countries that signed Vienna and Geneva Conventions on Road Traffic, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and majority of states of the former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia. 

Conditions under which a foreigner can complete a driving course and obtain a driving license in the Czech Republic:

Following your registration in a driving school you must meet these statutory conditions:
  • to file a written application
  • to meet condition of age for the given driving license group (you may not start sooner than 18 months before reaching the age limit)
  • to undergo a medical check
Don´t hesitate to email us on info@for for more information
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