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Foreign Police/Visa club


Students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries who wish to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days have to apply for a visa. An application for the permit should be submitted to the Czech Embassy or Consulate in the student's country of origin in good time before arrival. Please be aware that the administration process can easily take 8 weeks. Remember to apply for visa on time – AT LEAST 2 MONTHS BEFORE you want to enter Czech Republic. The price of the visa fee depends on country you come from.

If you are a citizen of an EU or EFTA state you do not need to apply for a visa.

In Czech Republic we recognize 2 types of visa
- Short-term visa (stay up to 90 days)
- Long-term visa (stay over 90 days- up to 6months)
- Long-stay (stay more than 6 months)


1) You are going to apply in your home country

You need to provide following documents for long-term visa:

- Passport
- 2 photographs
- Form “application for long-stay Visa”
- Funds to cover the cost of stay in territory
- Document confirming the purpose of stay (confirmation of studies issued by the University, certified copy of a document on enrolment for studies issued by the University)
- Document confirming availability of accommodation
- Except from Register issued by the state whose national you are
- Medical record (used as a proof you DON’T have a serious disease)
- Health insurance - ForStudents has the valid license to conclude health insurance contract that comply to all regulations of Ministry of foreign affairs fulfills all the requirements of the act No. 326/1999 Coll.
- Proof of payment of the fee for submission of the Visa application

Registration in FP department after arrival

Nationals of third countries are obliged to report their presence in the Czech Republic with the appropriate Foreign Police Department, that holds jurisdiction over the location of the place of their stay in the Czech Republic (Address in Prague  - Olsanska street no. 2, Prague 3), within a timeframe of 3 working days of their entry to the Czech Republic. The appointment for registration cannot be reserved. You can order our proffesionals for personal assitance if you need it - there is also agency fee - 800Kc.
When fulfilling the reporting duty, the foreigner presents a valid travel document and a completed registration card (available at office). The Foreign Police is also entitled to request to see proof of travel medical insurance/health insurance.
  1. Long-term visa (within 6 months) - if you obtained the long-term student visa, under the Ministry of the Interior, after registration has nothing to do, only if you change the address or passport/ID card it must go report this change within 30 days of the Interior Ministry.
  2. Long stay (over 6 months) - if the student obtained a long stay visa, after registration has to order  to Interior Ministry - Department for Asylum and Migration Policy to order biometrics (biometric acquisition cards). The only passport needed when the student arrives at the appointment, and must wait in lobby and the staff will call your name!
They will take a picture,  fingerprints, check valid address of stay and also give you date for collection biometric card (approx. 14 days) which can be changed for your needs. When you coming to collect biometric card you also need to pay 2500 Kc provides by "kolek" - kind of stamp can be purchase in Post office.
You will always obtain a new card with any other extension. If you lose your Biometric data card you will be charged 4.000, - CZK. If you have to change some personal data you will pay 1.000, - CZK. If you need to change any information regarding your stay in Czech Republic (accommodation, new passport, new name, etc.) you have to report the change to your local branch of foreign police within 30 days.

2) Visa Extension/prolongation process - VISA club

We're STRONGLY reccommend our proffesional visa service - Visa Club which will cost you 1300Kc ( 800Kc in case you have accommodation or health insurance from our agency) only and you will get:

1)        Help to fill an application form in czech language and with all paperwork which  you need to  provide.
2)        Make an appointments/phone calls at FP - visa application, bridging visa, check your visa status
3)        An personal assistance at FP when submitting an application for visa extension only (any extra personal assistance - visit MOI more times, will be charge extra)
4)        Help with translation all documents
5)        SAVE your time and Hassle!

Only members of this club are allowed to get this service

Membership is valid for process of extension/issuing visa - until you will get your visa done - received biometric card. After that is going to be expired.

For renewal (renewal your visa) you need to get register again.

Please note that the initial residence permit is valid for ussually one year, when applying for its extension, you may apply for two years.  If you wish to extend your long term resident permit (biometric card) , you are obliged to submit an application no earlier than 120 days and later than 1 day before validity of your visa expiration.
ForStudents can keep record of your extension dates and send you a reminder!

You want to become a member?  Contact us by email -


- Passport + 1x Photography
- Application form
- Confirmation of studies (received from student office at the university)
- Confirmation of accommodation - contract
- Bank account statement (if you don’t have Czech bank account statement you are also oblige to show them Credit card statement+valid international credit card - visa, mastercard..) with minimum amount required for visa extension is 81.400, - CZK for one year or 134.200, - CZK for 2 years or Financial Affidavit
- Valid comprehensive/complex health insurance - see more info and our great offers in Health insurance section.

For more information about VISA or VISA EXTENSION contact ForStudents.