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Health insurance

ForStudents has the valid license to conclude health insurance contract that comply to all regulations of Ministry of foreign affairs fulfills all the requirements of the act No. 326/1999 Coll. The health insurance must cover medical treatment, other expenses, etc. of a value of at least 75.000, -EUR.


UNIQA-Students Total CZK  Area
6months 3780 Kc CR + Schenghen*
12months 7560 Kc CR + Schenghen*
24months 15120 Kc CR + Schenghen*

*  kryje náklady též na neodkladnou péči ve státech Shenghenu/cover also Schenghen area for  emergency treatment
** pro krytí nákladů na neokladnou péči ve státech Schenghenu je extra platba ve výši 100Kč za každý měsíc pojištění/to cover also Schenghen area for emergency treatment need to add extra 100Kc for each month




• The contract has to be signed for min. period of 6 months has to be extended before the current contract expires. Please note that the length of your residence permit is dependent on the period you are insured for. If it is not extended on time, you will have to go through the whole procedure again.
It will offer complex care in Czech republic and also cover in case of emergency members of Shenghen area.
• Your Health Insurance Certificate has to be a contractual long-term health insurance from the Czech Republic
• The health insurance must cover medical treatment, other expenses, etc. of a value of at least 75.000, -EUR.
• The confirmation has to evidently show the dates of the insurance contract and what it consists of (it has to cover treatment interventions in connection with injury, sudden illness, payment ability in context of repatriation to the country that issued your passport)!
• Cost of this insurance is dependent on its type, your age group and gender. You have to pay for the whole period of the contract (not on monthly basis).

For more information contact ForStudents.


Students arriving from EU member states should ensure that they request a European health insurance
card (EHIC) from their local health authorities before departure from their home countries.
Students from European Union should after their arrival to Czech Republic visit any branch of VZP -"Všeobecná zdravotní pojištovna"  in Czech Republic for obtaining their Czech insurance card.
Students need to have:

- their EHIC card
- ID or passport
 - confirmation about studies ( some VZP branches might not require study confirmation, but it is better to have it)

The Czech insurance card will simplify the process of billing charges for health care. In other words, if students won't do the above recommended, they will have to pay for their health care immediately and then send all the bills to their insurance company in their country of domicile and wait for their reimbursement. If they will have the card from VZP, they will not have to pay for basic health care on the spot, because the insurance company will take care of it.

Nationals of E.U. countries who are staying temporarily (Erasmus students) in the Czech Republic are entitled to receive URGENT necessary medical treatment free of charge. Your European health insurance card (EHIC), or Provisional certificate has to be submitted to attending physician. If no of above mentioned documents are presented, the physician can insist on cash payment. Your medical expenses will be than reimbursed by your Health insurance company in your home country – which can be very long administration process. For more information contact ForStudents.

Concluding Health insurance contract is free of charge!

Additional ForStudents service - visa fee: 500, - CZK includes:

• making appointment at foreign police (very useful, otherwise you have to spend many hours by
waiting for your turn)

• assistance and translation at foreign police (our assistant will accompany you there)

• keeping record of your extension dates (if you don’t expend your visa on time, your visa will be