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Entry Requirements

The qualification needed for admission vary from university to university. Universities are independent bodies and have their own requirements and application deadlines.

The basic requirement for entering a Bachelor´s or a full Master´s degree program in Czech Republic is the completion of a secondary school education or vocational education with a school-leaving examination and English language proficiency (least at B2 level according to CEFR.)

Admission to a follow-up Master´s degree program depends on the completion of the relevant Bachelor´s degree program or its equivalent. Admission to Doctoral studies depends on the successful completion of a Master´s degree program.

For Medical studies:
Holders of A-level certificates (with grades "A" max. one "B") or equivalents - e.g. IB diploma (with grades 7, 7, 5 or 7, 6, 6) or SAT Subject tests (with total score 2100) in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics may be exempted from the entrance examination and can be admitted directly.

For specific information and entry requirements about your chosen study program, fill in application form (where you select your study program) and you will receive an automatic free Consultancy - informational package with important details to the program (price list, deadlines, detailed process).