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How to Apply

Dear applicants,
for specific information on study opportunities in Czech republic, and for an information about your chosen study program and entry requirements fill in application form (where you select your study program) and you will receive an automatic FREE Consultancy - informational package with important details about the program (tuition fees, deadlines, detailed process).

Consultancy package - FREE OF CHARGE

Apply here
  1. Providing information on study opportunities in the Czech Republic.
  2. Providing help with the selection of study program.
  3. Providing with complete information, entrance exam, required knowledge about selected study program.

Basic package

  1. If obligatory of entrance exam - arrangement of entrance exam in your country (in case of more applicants) or in the Czech Republic
  2. Providing information on the process of applying for visa, information on obligatory diploma and certificate validation process, providing the applicant with the list of the documents required.
  3. Gathering your documents required for application to the university and submission of your application at the selected university.
  4. Providing help with the admission process to the chosen university, correspondence with the chosen institution on behalf of the prospective student.
  5. Providing the applicant with all necessary documents for student visa purposes (admission letter, health insurance, accommodation letter, bank statement)
  6. Certified translations into of all required documents Czech language
  7. Processing of the Acknowledgement of Studies Abroad (in Czech “Nostrifikace”) – Czech legal requirement for all students interested in further education in the Czech Republic.
  8. Transfer from the Prague airport to the place of accommodation.
  9. Assistance with completing visa process

Application form