Czech government introduces new discounts for students in public transportation

Released: 9/1/2018

From September 1, 2018, students under 26 years will be travelling with a 75% discount on intercity train and bus connections. The discount is valid on all intercity bus and train lines within the Czech Republic. The discount doesn't apply to buses, trams or trains within individual cities with an exception of those whose lines reach beyond the city boundaries. The discounts also only apply to 2nd class (regular class) transportation – for a fancier ride, you'll still have to pay a little extra.

To prove eligibility as a student, a student card or an ISIC card has to be presented.

While the new legislation doesn't apply to public transportation in the cities, some are still presenting new, better offers to make commuting and travelling easier for students. For example:


The Prague's own travel card Lítačka will be discounted for students from October 2018. Until now, a 10-month travel card cost students 2400 CZK. But from October 2018, a yearly travel card will only cost them 1280 CZK.


Brno introduces a new travel card scheme - a "navazující jízdenka" (in English - a continuous travel card). This is a monthly travel card which allows you to buy additional months continuously at a reduced price. This way, you don't have to make a big investment into a yearly travel card, but still end up paying much less than when buying individual tickets. In addition, you don't need to carry around another card - the travel card will be bound with your bank card. The card will be valid only for city zones 100 and 101.

And, one more thing you should probably know about Brno - all of the trams will now have wi-fi!

So, with the new discounts for students in the Czech Republic... What will be your first destination to explore?



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