First steps in the Czech Republic - I. Finding the right place

Released: 8/24/2018
While the first article of the series is more focused only on Hradec Kralove (less known and metropolitan city than Prague or Brno), the series of articles called First steps in Czech Republic is aimed for anyone who is looking for some tips and tricks on how to successfully start off their life abroad and overcome that first clash with language and cultural barriers.
If you have suggestions for any other topics, let us know and we'll turn them into articles!

So you got accepted to a university in Hradec Kralove. Which isn't exactly Prague in terms of territory or world fame – but once you get to know it, you'll find out it has everything you might need! But first things first – where do you look for an apartment?

Old Town vs. New Town


This is a question as old as the time itself. But before you answer, consider the following:

Where is my university located?
Do I mind taking a bus to the uni, perhaps in exchange for a lower monthly rent?
Will I feel more comfortable or less comfortable having a lot of internationals as neighbours?
Do I want to live where most restaurants and bars are, or would I rather live in a quieter area?
Do I need a parking spot?

Both locations have their advantages and disadvantages. For Old Town, we could say for example:
  • Easier access to the uni (if you're a student of medicine, dentistry or pharmacy)
  • The larger community of international students, especially first-year students
  • Easier access to restaurants, cafés, clubs etc.
While New Town boasts:
  • More privacy (the student apartments and houses are more scattered)
  • Better public transportation infrastructure
  • Easier access to shops and department stores
  • Better parking options (if you have a car)
As the time goes by, the preferences of students often change. So instead of seeing yourself in the same spot for the next five, six years, think about the next year or two and always know you can change your mind later! But keep in mind, once you've made your bed, you'll have to lie in it until your rental contract expires ;-)

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