Growth of energy price in 2019 and some energies saving hacks from forStudents

Released: 12/18/2018

Growth of energy price in 2019 and some energies saving hacks from forStudents

What energies will increase?

Unfortunately the prices of all kinds of energies will increase! From the 1st January 2019 energy companies in Hradec Králové will be increasing their prices for provided energy supplies. Specifically it will be: for the heat + 5% and for water +1,7% from Opatovice power station, and costs of gas and electricity will grow for 15%!

In general you may expect some increase of the deposits for energies from your landlord. Or on the contrary try to control your energy bills in order to try to avoid this increase. We recommend you to keep an eye on your energy consumption. Keep reading for getting few suggestions how to avoid a heart attack after seeing the annual energy bill or get a message from your landlord about the energy debt.

Energy saving hacks

  1. Lights

    Turn of all redundant lights and also turn them off while leaving the apartment. Also a lot of difference does the use of the energy saving light bulbs – the best are LED´s type ones.

  2. Heating

    Control the temperature in your apartment with a thermometer that indicates you precisely if it´s necessary to warm your room up or it´s over heated. Try to avoid solving this problem by opening the windows. Also if you need to get some fresh air in the morning or during the day turn down the heaters. As in case of the lights, don´t leave the heaters on while you are not at home or leave them at minimum.

  3. Air conditions

    Air condition is an awesome device that mainly cools down the room but also it can heat it up. But the electricity consumption increases plenty and especially in winter it may become very expensive to use it as a source of heat.

  4. Water

    Flowing water in a toilet is a serious problem that you shouldn´t underestimate. This problem may cost you up to 700CZK per day! If you deal with such a problem don´t hesitate to contact with us or your landlord and one of us will send the handyman as soon as possible. Also try to avoid very long showers or taking full bath very often. As we wrote above, the price for water will increase in 1,7%.



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