Korzo národní - A festival of freedom!

Released: 11/5/2018
"Korzo národní" (loosely translated as a Promenade to Narodni avenue) is a special event celebrating the events of November 17, 1939, and 1989.
In 1939, this date marks the day Nazis stormed and closed down Czechoslovakian universities and sent 1 200 students to concentration camps. The events of that day later become an inspiration for International Students' Day.
In 1989, what started as a peaceful reverent act to remember this event, ended up as a giant demonstration against the communist regime and although the demonstration was disrupted using force, it started off what would later be known as "Velvet revolution", the end of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

The modern celebration of these events, which traditionally attracts thousands of visitors, takes place on Národní třída (map). In the area will be held numerous concerts, theatre performances, book readings and art and photography exhibitions. After 10 pm the party moves to Rock Café (map) for an afterparty with music and concerts.

WHEN?  -  November 17, 2018
WHERE? - Národní třída (map)
HOW MUCH? - Free

Source: Pixabay.com

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