Prototyp festival in Brno - art, science and technology

Released: 10/14/2018

At the Prototyp festival, people of different age and language meet to share their love for creativity. And this year's 5th annual festival will definitely have a lot to offer!

The beginning of the festival will be marked with a fashion show accompanied by a live musical performance. 

The main feature of the festival is the exhibition of works of art created using crafts, science and a big dose of imagination. A lot of installations are interactive, so you can actually become a part of the art piece. For those interested, there will be various workshops and lectures. 

A novelty to this year's festival is a "Makers fair", which will present created products for sale.

WHEN?  - 16 November - 18 November, 2018
WHERE? - Brno Exhibition Centre (map)
HOW MUCH? -  free entry


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