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The safe, guaranteed solution to your home repair and maintenance needs.If you find a malfunction or defect in the apartment that needs to be repaired, send us a request via this order form. 
Other requests for maintenance and handyman will not be accepted.


  • Because of the problematic system for archiving
  • Because it can’t be controlled by the management
  • Because we want to achieve better productivity 

Order a handyman / Report a deffect

Just fill in one simple form and we will help you order a handyman who will take care of your home repair. 

Unless special arrangements are made in advance, you should be home during the scheduled appointment.


  • Work: 300 CZK/hour
  • Transportation: included in price
  • Material: paid extra

Most often, services are billed at an hourly rate. The benefit you receive is that you only pay for the time required to complete the work. Payment is expected at the completion of work in cash unless other arrangements have been made.

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