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We provide standard and official translating service from and to English. 
We can also arrange translations in the following languages, for the full list click here.

Commonly translated documents:

  • Diploma translation
  • Bank account statement
  • Birth certificate translation
  • Passport translation
  • Criminal records translation
  • Transcript translation
  • Resume translation
  • and others....


  • Let us know if you need official translation (stamped by court interpreter) or standard translation (without official stamp).

Any official translation has to be affixed with a round stamp of the court interpreter. If you need an official translation it is necessary to bring us an original (not scan) document or notary verified copy of original document. If you need a standard translation only, feel free to send us the document by email or bring a scan to our office.

  • Bring the document personally to our office or send them by post

If you are not currently in Czech Republic and need a standard translation the process can be done online. (Send us an email with the scan documents. If you need an official translation you need to send the original document by post or other delivery companies (the choice is up to you). After the translation has been completed your documents will be sent back.

  • Advanced payment for translations

Translations are calculated per so called norm pages using by translators (not equal to standard A4 page). This is why the calculation of the translation can be done only after translation. That´s why we require an advance payment. You can pay in cash in our office or send it to our bank account. After the translation has been completed you will be informed for collection and remaining payment.

Details for Brno

PRICES from English to Czech language or vice versa:
Standard translation
Official translation

*within 3 working days
**over 3 working days

Translations are calculated per 1 norm page

Norm page is a standardized text page with a number of characters (including spaces) and rows. In the Czech environment, this is a text range of 1 600 characters (symbols and spaces), which corresponds to thirty lines of 60 characters or approximately 250 words of common text.

Prices for other languages upon request. Send us an email to



Apart from translations, forStudents can also ensure official / unofficial interpreter.
  • official interpretation: our interpreter can accompany you for official appointments when the court stamp is required, final exams at driving school, validation exam for nostrification;
  • unofficial interpretation: such as visit of foreign police, opening bank account, you may ask for standard personal assistance (interpreter without court stamp).

Type of interpretation


Official interpretation

upon request

Unofficial interpretation/Personal assistance

500 CZK/hour

Price is charged  for each commenced hour .

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