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Ludmila Myslivcová Kopecká - founder, co-owner

_DSC1664.jpg"At the age of 19, I embarked on a journey to Paris to immerse myself in the study of the French language. This experience introduced me to a new way of life, a different culture, and a foreign language, providing invaluable lessons in the 'School of Life'. Subsequently, I continued my adventures, residing in England, the USA, Ireland, and exploring various corners of the globe. These experiences continue to shape my perspective and instill in me a deep empathy for individuals navigating the complexities of adapting to a new environment, particularly within my home country.
Drawing upon these diverse experiences, I established the foundation for the services offered by our organization. As we expanded, it remained paramount that our team upheld the core values of empathy, respect, inclusion, passion, and diligence that drove me to establish support systems for students.Currently, I reside with my family on our ancestral animal farm, where I spent my formative years. "

Zuzana Kořínková - co-owner

_DSC1422.jpg"Starting at the age of 16, I began traveling Europe and settled for 10 years in London, where I met many great people who provided guidance to me during my time there. I remember fondly the friendly feelings and care that I received from a local people, who never made me feel like a foreigner in their country. I have worked hard to instill this value in my life, my professional endeavors, and into our organizational culture.  
My greatest passion is everything related to the mountains and mountain sports.  I love meeting people with the same passions from all around the world."


Klára Svoboda - Branch manager, Hradec Králové, Prague

  kk-(1).jpg"I've always held a deep-seated love for travel, relishing the opportunity to immerse myself in foreign cultures and languages. Following a series of projects during my schooling, I seized the chance to live abroad temporarily for academic pursuits. Upon returning, enriched by a plethora of new experiences, I resolved to further my studies in tourism, with a focus on English and Russian, allowing me to continue pursuing my passion.
It is this fervor for exploration and cultural exchange that compelled me to join forStudents. I am driven by the desire to continually learn and to contribute to providing students with the same enriching   experiences that I enjoyed during my time studying abroad."


Vanesa Bašová - Branch manager, Brno

IMG_3175.jpg"I love travelling and discovering new countries, exploring their cultures and ways of life. But I always enjoy coming back to the Czech Republic, which is my home. We have a lot to offer here – culture, history, art, education, and plenty of business opportunities. However, it can be a bit tricky for foreigners and students to navigate everything. That's why I'm thankful for the chance to be part of the forStudents team. We help students not just find accommodation but also settle into life in the Czech Republic, so they can fully enjoy living here and fall in love with the local surroundings, just like I have."

 Nikola Karásková  - branch consultant, Hradec Králové, Prague

IMG_2956-(4).jpg"Passionate about learning English and embracing diverse cultures through travel, my four-month stay in the United States provided invaluable insights into adapting to life abroad. Experiencing kindness and assistance firsthand inspired me to support fellow students, fostering a deep appreciation for guidance during the adjustment period. Engaging with diverse backgrounds is more than a profession—it's a rewarding journey that aligns with my personal experiences. Committed to making a positive impact, I aim to assist foreign students in thriving in their new environment by navigating cultural complexities and fostering lasting connections."

Our team here at forStudents cares about our clients, and so we offer excellent service for competitive prices. Our best references are from students from the College of Medical and Pharmaceutical Studies, with whom we have worked consistently since 2003.  We can provide references upon request.  

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