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Ludmila Myslivcová Kopecká - founder, co-owner

"When I was 19 years old, I lived in Paris to study the French language. I had to learn a new way of life, another culture, foreign language and it was a great lesson in the “School of Life”. After France, I lived in England, USA, Ireland and traveled the world. I draw from that experience to this day and it gives me great empathy for the experiences of others as they learn a new way of life in my home country.  It is the foundation upon which I developed the services of this organization.  As we grew, it was imperative that our staff maintained the values of empathy, respect, inclusion, passion and hard work that propelled me to establish the services for students.
I currently live with my family at our family animal farm where I spent my childhood. My husband and I are permaculture enthusiasts.  We love gardening, and everything associated with a healthy way of life.”

Zuzana Kořínková - co-owner

"Starting at the age of 16, I began traveling Europe and settled for 10 years in London, where I met many great people who provided guidance to me during my time there. I remember fondly the friendly feelings and care that I received from a local people, who never made me feel like a foreigner in their country. I have worked hard to instill this value in my life, my professional endeavors, and into our organizational culture.  

My greatest passion is everything related to the mountains and mountain sports.  I love meeting people with the same passions from all around the world."


Lenka Mens Štrbová - Brno Branch Manager

"I have been fortunate to travel and live abroad to study, pursue my dreams, or career opportunities on numerous occasions. As exciting as every new opportunity was, it also brought along with it small and large issues to manage: language barriers, new environments, different cultures or lack of knowledge about local habits. The experiences faced were very demanding of all of my efforts and resources. With this in mind, I work to understand every client’s needs to best meet each request so that they can focus on their studies. I believe that a friendly and informative approach is what makes all the difference and turns your time here into an enjoyable experience."

Zuzana Dubová - Prague Branch Manager

"After living abroad for 10 years, I became very familiar with multicultural environments. Being away from my comfort zones, honed my natural inclinations to analyze and solve problems with determination and precision. As positive, outgoing and cheerful person I look forward to the times that our clients come to our office to visit and just say “Hi”.  It brings me great joy when they check in to see if I prepared some cookies again for them.  It is the little touches of ‘home’ that we seek to bring to our clients when they are away from home."


Michaela Budilová - consultant, Prague

"As soon as it was possible, I travelled abroad to improve my English, meet new people and to explore my boundaries of independence.  It was not always easy, but I cherished the hospitality of the people I met. I can empathize how our clients may feel being in a foreign country.  It is what drives me to help them to settle down here in the Czech Republic. My greatest satisfaction is in meeting our clients to learn of the ways that we have helped them feel like they are becoming more at home as time goes on."


Adéla Rožcová - Hradec Králové Branch Manager

"I have been a passionate reader ever since I was a child. I loved the stories where I could explore unfamiliar worlds and experiences from my bedroom. As I began my University studies, it was a natural progression for me to focus on making my own stories.  I began by majoring in Czech language and literature but realized that I needed to expand the boundaries and experiences of my own life to be an effective storyteller.  My journey to expand my understandings of the world and others was enriched by the people I met and places I saw while travelling. These two passions of my life – peoples’ experiences and travelling - combined in 2017 when I came home to become a part of the forStudents team. Now, though I am home, I still have the opportunities to explore foreign worlds through our clients experiences from all over the world.  I love being a part of their journey as they explore mine."

Jana Kadaníková
- consultant, Hradec Králové

12189810_10201050683024558_1653504776163652860_n.jpg"I believe that if you really want to experience foreign country, you need to really understand the people who live there. Being a part of forStudents team enables me to experience our clients’ countries and cultures every day, while I share mine. I appreciate the diversity of our clients’ lives, and the fulfillment of my job in making a direct difference in peoples’ lives. The motto which describes my professional philosophy best is: "The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. And I really do.


Tereza Brožová - consultant, Hradec Králové 

"I have a great love for languages, which started with English and Spanish, both of which I have great proficiency. I speak a little French, German and Portuguese. Currently I am studying political science focused on Subsaharian Africa.  I am open to talking with our clients on issues that they face, at home and abroad, and in bridging the differences that divide us by focusing on the things that we have in common.  My hopes are that my interest in other peoples’ languages and cultures will make our clients feel more at home."



Our team here at forStudents cares about our clients, and so we offer excellent service for competitive prices. Our best references are from students from the College of Medical and Pharmaceutical Studies, with whom we have worked consistently since 2003.  We can provide references upon request.  

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