Dear students,
as you may have heard this information, 
Czech energy prices have been setting new records recently.

It is very likely that at the end of your lease contract you will face arrears for energy, which were set for your actual current consumption. Therefore, to reduce this probability, you can do the following things:
  1. turn off the lights if you are not present in the apartment or in the particular room
  1. do not keep the heating (radiators) to the maximum if you are not present in the apartment, lower the thermostat to a smaller number when leaving the apartment
  2. arrange with the owner of the apartment to increase the deposit for energy
Note:  be ready for the possibility that your apartment owners may contact you and will want to raise the monthly energy installment, to prevent arrears that might occur at the end of your rental contract.
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Get the best deal on Health insurance!

Get the best deal on Health Insurance! We now have a special discounted price for our clients. 
Is your health insurance expiring and you need a new one for the next academic year? 
Don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you get the best deal. 

You can contact our representatives in Hradec Králové, Prague and Brno or visit us personally.
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New organization measures for 2021

Dear students,
with the New year 2021 we are coming with some new organization measures:
  • Because of the security issues - very simply, most instant messenger platforms aren’t secure and you should not trust them to send information that you wouldn’t want being shared outside of your company.
  • Because of the problematic system for archiving
  • Because it can’t be controlled by the management
  • Because we want to achieve better productivity 
You can reach us on or office cell phone at: +420 775078190.  All your requests will be processed the swiftest possible manner, during our office hours: Mon- Fri from 9am – 5pm.
For personal meeting please make an appointment, or you can visit us during public office hours:
Mon                             13:00 – 17:00

Tue        9:00 – 12:30

Wed                             13:00 –17:00

Thurs.    9:00 – 12:30

Fri                                13:00 – 15:00

Sat       CLOSED
Sun      CLOSED
In case of an urgent matter that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible call your lessor (contact for your lessor can be found in your rental contract) .
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Seize the sudden free time and deal with awaiting responsibilities

So everyone and especially students heard of and are affected by the current situation in Czech Republic.
All elementary and high schools are officially closed until further notice. Universities are advised to do so as well.

So it may be a little bit of free time for you dear overseas students to check your current status of visas and insurance policies and if you need any help and service to proceed your applications we are here to assist you.
Now we have a great deal on insurance for students and foreigners with discount from our branch.

Also those of you who decide to stay for another period of time and will have to update dates on contract of accommodation, have a look in to it too please. Let us know if you will need new room or flat and we will assist you too. It can be nerve wracking to search alone and in last minute timeframe.

Feel free to contact us on facebook, our emails:,,, or on phone: +420 775 078 190 - Hradec Králové office, +420 608 772 775 - Prague office, +420 608 644 464 - Brno office, +420 777 345 591 - Olomouc office.

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We are ready for Erasmus students!

We are ready for Erasmus students!

In case staying at dorms is not for you, we offer fully furnished and equipped rooms in shared apartments or private apartments short term rent. You will not have to pay anything extra because in our apartments all energy and internet charges are included in the price of the rent.

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Make your life easier by sending documents to extend your visa by post!

Many of you complain about the situation at foreign police - the officers don´t speak English, you are waiting there all day, you are missing lectures...If you want to avoid all this, there is an option for you: YOU CAN SEND THE DOCUMENTS BY POST. Here are the instructions how to do it (taken personaly from foreign police´s office in Hradec Králové :).
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The best deal on Health Insurance

Special offer on HEALTH INSURANCE in Brno!!
Are you already thinking about prolonging your long term stay for the next academic year? Let us help you!
Come to meet us on Mondy 29th April at Medical faculty or contact us online!
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Invitation to Grad´s night!

The best night of the year is coming! We would like to invite you all to this year's Grad's night. Come and enjoy all the entertainment planned for you! 
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Time for visa extension in Hradec Králové is coming!

In this short article we would like to summarize all the documents needed for the visa extension. Remember there are always 5 documents you should prepare.

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I need to go to the doctor. How do I pay for it?

It goes without saying that it is best to prevent the illness but if you get ill you might need to seek medical help and you will need to use your health insurance.
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Jan Palach´s week – 50 years from the act

Who was Jan Palach?

Jan Palach was born on 11th August 1948 in Prague. He was a student of history and political economy at the Charles University. For his bourgeios family roots he wasn´t allowed to enter to the Faculty of Arts at first. Nevertheless in 1968 he was finally admitted as the Czechoslovak communist regime was living its brighter period later known as the Prague Spring.

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BREXIT: British members of parliament have rejected a brexit deal to leave the EU. It remains 73 days until Brexit.

BREXIT: British members of parliament have rejected a brexit deal to leave the EU. It remains 73 days until Brexit.
Prime minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May was rejected by 230 votes which is the largest defeat for a sitting government in history.

Now, Theresay May have to introduce a so-called „Plan B“ with a suggestion for further actions by Monday 21 January 2019.

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Growth of energy price in 2019 and some energies saving hacks from forStudents

What energies will increase?

Unfortunately the prices of all kinds of energies will increase! From the 1st January 2019 energy companies in Hradec Králové will be increasing their prices for provided energy supplies. Specifically it will be: for the heat + 5% and for water +1,7% from Opatovice power station, and costs of gas and electricity will grow for 15%!

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How the world sees us

Maybe you already noticed there is an online TV show called „Jak nás vidí svět“ (How the world sees us (Czech people)).

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The Invisible Exhibition - let your senses take over!

Imagine not being able to see. What does it feel like to rely on your other senses in a completely foreign environment? 
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Festival of French Cinema 2018 in Prague

Mesdames et messieurs, allow us to invite you to a festival of French cinema this week!
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Christmas is coming to HK - Christmas markets, Christmas lights!

An essential timetable of everything Christmassy in HK!
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African treats on the HK river bank

An organic African feast in NãPLAVKA!
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Feast of St. Martin in Brno - food, wine and music!

One of the most delicious Czech traditions coming up!
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Korzo národní - A festival of freedom!

The date of November 17 is a very special one in Czech history. And there will be a huge celebration in Prague to honour it!
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Nordic Film Autumn Prague 2018

Embrace the winter mood - with Nordic Film festival!
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Nordic Film Autumn Brno 2018

Before the wave of Christmas movies hits us, let's stay cool and serious for a bit longer at the Nordic Film festival!
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White tower night tours - last two in 2018!

If you ever wondered what Hradec Kralove looks like from a bird's perspective, you shouldn't miss an opportunity to see it at night, too!
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Prague - Designblok 2018

Designblok, founded in 1999, boasts the largest selection of design and fashion shows in Central Europe.
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Technical museum in Brno has something for everyone!

The weather may be getting worse by the day, but that doesn't mean you have to sit at home!
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Flea market on the river bank in Hradec Kralove

Join a new tradition of flea markets on the river bank and bring your books/old clothes/trinkets to earn some cash!
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Prague Coffee Festival 2018

A celebration of a student's best friend - coffee!
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Hradec Kralove look up - there's fireworks in the sky!

Get your cameras ready, a fireworks show is coming up to celebrate an important Czech anniversary!
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Prototyp festival in Brno - art, science and technology

Prototyp festival is a young Czech festival for anyone who has interest in both art and technology. If you're looking to experience something a little different, don't miss this one out!
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A rejuvenation for your soul – walking shelter dogs in HK forests!

Taking a shelter dog for a walk in the forest is a perfect combination of relaxation and a good deed.

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First of its kind in Czechia - An exhibition of mysteries!

If you have a penchant for mystery, you definitely shouldn't miss the opportunity to see these artifacts!
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How to become Czech in one hour - Tickets still available!

Have a good laugh and learn something new about the Czech culture!
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Party with world music in NãPLAVKA!

After an outstanding performance at a world music festival "Na jednom břehu" in Hradec Kralove in 2016, the TiNG is coming back to HK to create an unforgettable concert and party!
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Satisfy your sweet tooth at Sweet Dream Fest in Brno!

Get your sweet fix!
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Signal festival 2018: Prague dressed in light and colours

Experience Prague in a way you've never seen it before!
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Day of Architecture Brno 2018: Let the city speak to you!

If you are interested in architecture and stories only buildings can tell, don't miss this opportunity for special guided tours around Brno!
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A Brexit-related recommendation from the Czech government

Although there is a lot that has not yet been clarified around Brexit, it is now certain that it is on with no further referendums (as confirmed by Theresa May). So save the date – it's happening on March 29, 2019, and we don't know as much as we know about it.
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First steps in the Czech Republic - III. Roommates

In the third article of this series, we will focus on sharing a household with a roommate.
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Czech government introduces new discounts for students in public transportation

With these new discounted train and bus fares, try explaining to yourself why you're not travelling more to get to know the country better!
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First steps in the Czech Republic - II. My house is my castle

A few tips on everyday life in your apartment - after all, with great apartment comes great responsibility ;-)
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First steps in the Czech Republic - I. Finding the right place

A new series of articles on living in Czech is here!
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Farmers' markets in HK - fresh, organic and locally sourced!

Pop in for a fresh Saturday breakfast!
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Experience the world on your plate in Brno!

If you haven't had a chance to travel much this summer, do not worry! You can still explore different cultures and habits at two upcoming festival - Asian food festival and Vibes of Havana. 
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Discover the world of illusion in Prague

Let your mind wonder in amazement in the Illusion Art Museum!
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Prague picnic 2018

What says summer better than a summer picnic in the open? 
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New apartment house in Brno – 6 apartments available! Disappearing fast!

Care for a new apartment in the centre, but close to the greenery of gardens?
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New residential house in Brno - 10 apartments!

If you are looking for a studio or a one bedroom apartment, look no further.
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Prague Rooftop Festival 2018

Watch the sunset over Prague, mingle and then dance the night away at a unique rooftop event!
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Get lost in the universe with the Cosmos Discovery exhibition in Brno

The exhibition, which was put together in cooperation with NASA and world's largest universe museum Cosmosphere, features genuine artefacts from space expeditions, lifesize models and authentic documents.
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Theatre festival Open Air Program Hradec Kralove – culture in the streets!

The 19th annual open-air theatre festival is just around the corner. Hradec Kralove doesn't get much more lively than that – don't miss out!
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Prague Ice Cream festival

Gelato, soft, lolly, fro-yo, ice roll, sorbet and more - so many ways to add sweetness to your life!
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New residential house – 4 apartments fully furnished with new furniture

A new student house with 4 apartments will be introduced in our offer during June. 
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Prague Night at the Museum (and for free!)

Whether is it knowledge you're after or just curiosity what an event like this might look like, you shouldn't miss this year's Prague Museum Night.
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IGNIS BRUNENSIS 2018 in BRNO has kicked off

If you're looking for something spectacular in Brno to take your mind off of studying, look no further.
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Birthday raffle to celebrate 15 years anniversary of ForStudents!

We are celebrating, but you're getting the presents
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16th FESTIVAL ON ONE BANK/ LET´S MOVE ON! from 25 to 26 May

Cinema festival to chill-out!
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Photos from Grads night 2018 are here!

New photos from Grads night 2018!
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Prague

Well being studio located in Kateřinská street offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy with discount for our client. If you would like to do little bit extra for your brain before exams, please contact us for quote and make slot.
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Fee for Municipal Waste in Brno due 31st May

Most of the foreigners residing in Brno for longer than 3 months are obliged to pay the local fee for municipal waste.
More information can be found on the official website of Brno.
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New assistent in Hradec Králové office

We will welcome new assistent Tereza in our office in Hradec Králové. Her first day in the office will be right after Easter holiday -  Tuesday 3rd April. Tereza is very excited to meet all students as she speaks English, French, Spanish and Portugees. She studies University of Hradec Králové - politology. Please be nice to her and patient with her :).
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