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 Consultation on Czech visa and assistance service


If you need short term or long term visa - we are here to help you with the application process or Visa estention.

Applying from your home country?

Students from non-EU or non-EFTA countries who wish to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days have to apply for a visa.

When applying for student´s visa at the czecm embassy/consulat you need to submit following documents:

  • application form - available at the czech embassy/consulat
  • health insurance certificate - forStudents has the valid license to conclude the health insurance certificate that comply to all the regulations of Ministry of foreign affairs fulfills all the requirements of the act No. 326/1999 Coll
  • document confirming the purpose of stay (confirmation of studies issued by the study department of your University), more info:
  • funds to cover the cost of stay in Czech Republic - please contact the czech embassy/conculat of the required amount
    • an internationally recognized credit card to certify that funds are available and can be withdrawn in the Czech Republic
    • a bank account statement in your name confirming that you are free to use funds in the required amount
  • ​document confirming guaranteed accommodation  - can be provided by our office - either rental contract or confirmation of accommodation
  • travel document - the validity of period of your passport must exceed the period of stay in the Czech Republic at least 3 months.At some places (Africa, Asia) it must exceed the stay by 5 months
  • 2 photographs, must show your current look
  • upon request: a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register record, issued by the state of which you are a citizen, as well as the states in which, in the last 3 years, you have resided continuously for a period longer than 6 months, or a signed affidavit in the event that this state does not issue such a document (not required from a foreign national under 15 years)
A long-term visa for the purpose of studies is issued for a period that is demonstrated with the confirmation of studies, however, not longer than 1 year.

System of the procedure

  • the documents submitted at the Czech Embassy/ Consulate will be sent to the Immigration Police in the Czech Republic. The application will be processed here
  • the entire procedure will take several weeks and when completed you will have to visit the Consulate a second time with your passport to get the permit to come to the Czech Republic (it is not possible to pick it up in the Czech Republic, and no exceptions can be made)
  • the residence permit provided by the Embassy is just "provisional" and allows you to enter the Czech Republic and stay here for three days only. The "proper" residence permit (including also the specification of your place of stay in Czech Republic) will be issued by the local foreign police authorities upon your arrival

Registration at MOI (Ministry of Interior) Department after arrival

Third country nationals’ obligations after entering the territory of the Czech Republic Third country nationals are obliged to register their accommodation address in the Czech Republic with the nearest foreign police department within 3 working days of entering the Czech Republic (see below for exceptions). If you have arrived in the Czech Republic to pick up a long-term or permanent residence card, you may also perform your obligation of registration at an MoI office, where you may also perform your obligation to provide biometric data. When performing his/her obligations, the third country national must present a valid travel document and a completed registration form (available at the office). In the course of performance of registration obligations, the police is entitled to demand presentation of a travel insurance certificate.

The obligation to register their accommodation address with the police does not apply to a third country national who has already satisfied this obligation via his / her accommodator. The obligation of registration also does not apply to persons under the age of 15, to the personnel of the embassy or consulate of a foreign state or of an international government organisation accredited in the Czech Republic, to their family members as registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to a third country national for whom the Ministry of the Interior is providing accommodation. If he/she has arrived in this country to pick up a long-term residence card, even in the aforementioned situations a third country national shall be obliged to report to an MoI office within 3 days to provide biometric data.

Third country nationals are also obliged to report any change of surname, marital status, change of data in their travel document and change of data in the document permitting their stay in the Czech Republic (e.g. in their residence card). Third country nationals not required to have a visa or on a short-term visa must report any change in data to the Alien Police or, if staying on a long-term visa or on a long-term or permanent residence card, to an MoI office. At the request of the police, third country nationals are obliged to prove their identity with a valid travel document or residence card (biometric card). This biometric residence card is the only valid document that a third country national will be accepted instead of travel document. However, this biometric residence card cannot be used instead of a travel document for travel outside the territory of the Czech Republic and it is essential that third country nationals have both - a valid travel document and a valid biometric residence card.

What do you need for registration?

  • Valid travel document;
  • "Hraniční průvodka" = crossing border pass (small white document for crossing the border).
  • Foreign Police is also entitled to request to see your health insurance and lease contract.
  • Registration fee is paid by "kolek" (a kind of stamp) in value of 2,500.- CZK (available from any post office)

What to do next?

After the registration at MOI you will obtain an appointment for Biometric data card. In case you lose the Biometric data card you will be charged 4.000, - CZK. In case you change some personal data you will pay 1.000, - CZK. You are advised to have someone speaking Czech with you (at least for this first visit). Any changes concerning the data at a biometric card have to be reported within 30 days.

Types of stay - basic categories: Types of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic / Schengen Area, are divided as follows:
  • short-terms stays (not exceeding 90 days) for foreign nationals not subject to visa requirement or on a Schengen visa 
  • long-term stays (exceeding 90 days) on a long-term visa,long-term or permanent residence permit

Visa extension

What documents do you need to apply for VISA extension, long term residence permit?

  • Filled Application Form: download here;
  • Confirmation of accommodation;
    • Lease contract
    • Confirmation of accommodation with landlord signature (verified by notary or any czech post office)
  • Study confirmation provided by your university;
  • Bank account statement -in case you have the bank account in Czech bank, you don't need to present your credit card, if you have a bank account in some foreign bank you will need to present your bank statement and your credit card (official translation to czech language is required) - the amount for one year is 115.810 CZK or 190.930 CZK for 2 years;​​ (the foreign national under 18 years prooves the availability of half the amount)
  • Passport + Biometric card + 1 passport size photography;
  • Health insurance – which will cover whole period for visa (12 months, 24 months). Deal health insurance with forStudents!
  • Revenue stamps - 2.500 CZK with application 

All documents must be in CZECH language and original (or notarized copy) and not older than 3 months.


Visa extension in Czech republic - step by step

1. Prepare all the documents.
2. We can help you make an appointment. Contact us in advance. The appointments are given in two months period.
  • Biometric card holders - you can start extending your visa 120 before and up to your last day of expiration date.
  • Long term visa holders - you can start extending your visa 120 days before and up to your last days before your expiration date.
3. Buy stamps called 'kolek' in the amount of 2.500,- CZK (available at any post office in Czech Republic)
4. If you don't have any appointment, you can go to the office early in the morning (4-5am) to get one of the first token with the number and wait until your number is called.
5. Submit all the documents and stamps. Mention changes if there are any (address, passport number etc.). Your duty for visa extension is completed. Officer will give you an appointment at biometric department where they will take a photo of you and take your fingerprints for biometric card. Don't miss the appointment.
7. At the second visit at biometric department you will get your last appointment for picking up the biometric card. If you miss the appointment for biometric card and don´t pick it up within 2 weeks, your visa will be cancelled.

!! If you don´t start the extension before your visa expires or you don´t pick up your biometric card within 2 weeks from your appointment, your visa will be cancelled and you may have to travel back to your home country and apply for the new visa !!



  • Applying for 2 years - the procedure is the same, but all the documents have to cover the whole period.
  • There are some rules in process of a visa application which have to be followed, however it is still up to an immigration officer if you will get visa or not and for how long.
  • Don´t miss the deadline for extension!
  • If you plan to leave the Czech Republic before obtaining visa extension (new biometric card), ask MOI for bridging visa.
  • Fill in the right contact address! MOI sends appeal mainly by post.

We highly recommend you to go with our VISA help to avoid any problems.

forStudents clients with contracts for both services (accommodation lease + health insurance)
forStudents clients with contract for one of the services (accommodation or health insurance)
Arranging an appointment at MOI
500 CZK
Advising on visa extension and procedure
1000 CZK
3000 CZK
Personal translator at the appointment at MOI
800 CZK *
1000 CZK
1500 CZK
Extension of the rental contract **
1500 CZK
2000 CZK
Confirmation of accommodation
1500 CZK
2000 CZK
Sending assembled documents by registered post to MOI***
4000 CZK
4000 CZK
4000 CZK
Full package****
3500 CZK
5700 CZK
4700 CZK

Price list valid from 1st January 2020

Extra service for those who need help with solving a special cases (incomplete documents, due date of expiry of the visa, translations of letters from MOI, etc.) please send a message below for calculation of the price.

! Price is charged in advance !

* Price is  charged  for every commenced hour .
  Price is always per 1 person.
  Cancellation possible latest 24hours before appointment otherwise there is a cancellation fee -    300 CZK

** The extension of the lease contract includes:

  • preparation of the extension of the lease contract and its signing

  • arranging a confirmation of accommodation (for Immigration purposes)

  • mediation/translation between the landlord and the tenant during the lease period

  • arranging handyman or housekeeping service

  • preparation of lease contract terminations or amendments and submission to the Lessor

  • general advice related to apartment issues

  • postal service/pick up point at forStudents agency
  • arranging an appointment at MOI by phone

*** This service is not included in the full package

*** The full package doesn't include sending assembled documents by post

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