A Brexit-related recommendation from the Czech government

Released: 9/21/2018
With the possibility of a “no deal” Brexit still on the table, the exact terms and conditions for Britons travelling to the EU or for British expats living in the EU are not yet known. The British government recommends that everyone interested in the topic checks www.gov.uk/guidance/LivingInEurope on a regular basis, which will be updated along with deals and negotiations between the UK and the EU.

As for the Czech government, the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic has issued a recommendation for British citizens, too. In full, you can read it here.

In a nutshell, what it says is:

  • All the UK citizens residing in the Czech Republic are strongly recommended to apply for Certificate of Temporary Residence.
  • The Certificate of Temporary Residence serves as a clear proof of the citizen's residence in the Czech Republic.
  • The Certificate itself is not a permit to stay, but it is an easily-obtained proof that will be useful once the transition period is over and the process becomes much more complicated.
The Certificate is issued for free and can be applied for from any office of the Ministry of the Interior (list here).


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