First steps in the Czech Republic - III. Roommates

Released: 9/13/2018
Let's face it, living on your own and in a foreign country is difficult enough as it is. And when a roommate came into the picture, the difficulty level just jumped to “Expert“! So here are a few tips on how to handle the situation and create a happy household!

Talk that talk.

Communicate about your expectations from the start and try to find common ground. Have a talk about what you like and don't like and make sure you're on the same boat when it comes to cleaning, shopping, sharing food etc. Keep in mind that since you're sharing an apartment and a big part of your lives together, no question is too awkward! 

Give and keep space.

Don't be afraid to spend some time on your own when you need to. And don't expect your roommate to always hang out with you either. It's okay to have time for yourself, but always make sure that you decline their invitations or ask for space politely.


Make the rules (together).

When setting up a smoothly running household, don't hesitate to use mobile apps to synchronize your to-do lists, chores, shopping and expenses. Some of them are for example OurHome, Splitwise, Venmo, Chorma and many more. Or, if you're a bit old-fashioned, get a whiteboard, a chalkboard, and a jar as a kitty for all your shared expenses!

Always stay in touch.

Are you expecting a family visit? Or having friends over? Make sure your roommate knows, too, so that there are no unpleasant surprises. There's no need for lengthy explanations or justifications – just make your roommate aware and comfortable, and they'll do the same when it's their turn!

Work on your bad habits – or work around them.

Do you leave lights on wherever you go? Are you a messy cooker? Or an exceptionally loud and enthusiastic shower-singer? Everyone has their little quirks and tendencies. While we might be unaware of them ourselves, our roommate will most likely notice them very soon. Have a think about what you're often doing that might annoy or upset other people, and try to consciously control this behaviour – or at least let it be known in advance! Who knows, maybe your roommate doesn't mind doing the dishes as long as you cook ;-)

Accept and embrace the customs and culture.

With people from all around the world, a huge variety of customs, beliefs and habits comes together. People from different environments, local cultures and cuisines often end up living together. Take up this opportunity to get to know the culture your roommate comes from. You'll have a lot of fun sharing stories, facts, and delicious dishes!

Don't forget the little courtesies.

Wear headphones when skyping. Coordinate your morning routines to take turns in the bathroom. Take out the garbage. Ask them about their day. 
Sometimes it's the little things that make living together much more comfortable.

Living with someone not only saves a lot of rent money, but most importantly provides a great comfort when living in a foreign country without any family. Make sure it works for both you and your roommate and only brings you happiness!


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